"I wanted the songs on Another Time, Another Place to be useful and functional. Especially in these precarious times." – Jennifer Warnes

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Another Time, Another Place Reviews

“A crystalline work featuring the Seattle-born Warnes interpreting songs by Pearl Jam, Mark Knopfler, John Legend and others..."

–LA Times

“If it took Warnes a long time to commit to making an album again, the clarity and confidence of her performances on Another Time, Another Place validate her decision with style and grace.”

–Associated Press

“The album kicks off with one of the few songs that could rival [Leonard] Cohen’s for soul-bearing intimacy: Pearl Jam’s ‘Just Breathe.’”


“She has emotion in her breath and it has been too long since her voice has been heard.”

–Spill Magazine

"Love this record, superb musicians and studio sound. Jen's vocals are sublime, and the choice of songs is meaningful in a way most cover versions aren't. Love it from start to finish."

–Amazon reviewer

“Some vocalists turn everything they sing into pure audio gold. One such vocalist is Jennifer Warnes, who brings originality, style, and grace to everything her voice touches.”

–Sound & Vision

"Luscious and lustful, considered and compassionate …. sophisticated arrangements and her reliably fluent and emotive readings get right to the heart of the songs"

–Daily Mirror



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